Åland Islands

Information for Patients
All hospitals are government-run, managed by local (municipal) governments, available for citizens and EU citizens, funded 78% by taxation, 0% by patients through access charges, and by others 2%. Patient access charges are subject to annual caps. Based on a 2017 report (see references), Aland Islands are still experiencing an economic recession, which resulted in a reduction of hospital capacity and a dementia department was forced to close. The AHS is currently updating its’ patient information system in the Swedish language, the official language of the country despite it’s governance ties to Finland.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Medical practitioners must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Aland Island’s government website (see references). Typically, it will involve the passing of various courses and a successful accreditation in order to have the right to use the professional designation, administered by Valvira in the Central Register of Vocationally Qualified Persons in Healthcare. 

Information for Travelers 
Travelers from the European Union and Britain (pre-Brexit) have free access to healthcare, while it is recommended that travelers from other countries purchase travel insurance. British travelers will still have the advantage of using their European Health Insurance Card until December 31, 2020.

Ministry of Health: https://stm.fi/en/frontpage