Information for Patients
Australia’s health care is divided into public and private. The public system is open to those with access to Medicare (a government scheme paid through taxation) and is at low or no-cost for those people. The private system is available for those who pay into a private health insurance provider or who can afford it, reducing waiting times for elective or planned surgeries

Information for Health Care Professionals
Due to a shortage of qualified medical practitioners in Australia, overseas doctors are welcomed and must apply to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) in order to take a series of assessments such as a multiple-choice exam and a clinical exam. Upon passing, applications can be made for specialty training positions.

Information for Travelers 
Travelers are recommended to purchase travel insurance if their country does not have a reciprocal health agreement. This agreement covers emergency hospital visits, but does not cover a variety of other medical services, thus it is advisable to purchase  travel health insurance regardless. It is possible to pay for out-of-pocket costs through voluntary private health insurance. 

Ministry of Health in Australia: