Information for Patients

Healthcare in Barbados is divided between public and private sector. Public healthcare is universal, and coverage is provided to all Barbadian citizens and residents. Healthcare in both private and public are of high standards, with some low resources available in rural areas but is overall of high standards. Due to the lucrative nature of private healthcare for offering speedy services, there is a large among of private healthcare professionals on the island.

Information for Health Care Professionals

All medical professionals must have all legal documents both notarized and legalized local Barbadian Embassy and submit to relevant medical associations. Upon submission to the local embassy, exams for specific specialty must be submitted. Most with US or British qualifications tend to have a much more easier process than other nations in regard to practicing locally.

The language of medical instruction in Barbados is English

Information for Travelers 

Due to the high quality of healthcare n Barbados, the country sees a vast influx of medical tourism particularly from the United States and other parts of the Caribbean. This includes from simple medical procedures to greater surgeries that are of a faction of the cost than in the United States. 

Dengue fever is transmitted via infected mosquitos and remains a key issue in the country. Protection from them is advised. In addition, the Zika virus remains prevalent in Barbados as much of Latin America and the Caribbean. Individuals looking to get pregnant are advised to check local updates prior to going given Zika virus leads to microcephaly in the newborn. Check local advisories. 

The common language of hospitals in Barbados is English.

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: