Information for Patients
Belarus’ healthcare system is publicly-run, fully funded by the government and is accessible to all citizens for no charge. There are a few hospitals that are for senior government officials and military personnel, but regular citizens may visit those VIP-level hospitals at full cost. Despite being free of charge, the Ministry of Health is promoting services which need to be paid for privately, especially complex, lifesaving hi-tech surgeries.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Medical professionals earn lower salaries than in the production sector, influencing their departure from the country to earn more elsewhere. The reduction in medical staff is evident more in rural areas than in urban areas, where there is decreased accessibility.

Foreign medical professionals wishing to apply for a license to practice their specialty require submission of several documents and a list may be found on the website under “For Health Professionals”. 

Information for Travelers 
Travelers require to show evidence of health insurance (minimum of 10,000 euros coverage) when applying for a visa. Of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine has an Agreement, in which emergency medical assistance is provided to citizens of those countries. In addition, a two-way agreement with Russia enables travelers from each country to be provided emergency and general healthcare when visiting the other country. More information regarding smaller agreements and details are provided in the minzdrav reference link.

Ministry of Health in Belarus: