Information for Patients
In Bermuda, there one main hospital, and two more secondary hospitals. Healthcare is very expensive and not funded by the government, thus, residents must have some type of Bermuda Government approved health insurance, either their employer-funded or another health insurance such as the government’s basic Hospital Insurance Plan (HIP). All employers are regulated to provide a majority-Bermudan owned company health plan for all employees. 

It is important to note that plans to introduce a universal healthcare system in 2020 are not yet implemented.

Information for Health Care Professionals
All medical doctors must be locally licensed before being able to practice, and work in the private sector, except for the hospitals, which are public. Applicants must register with the Bermuda Medical Council and must be Bermudian, a spouse of a Bermudian, a Permanent Resident Certificate holder, or have a verifiable offer of employment (in which the employer submits the application). Documents such as the appropriate form, cover letter, proof of identification and nationality, and evidence of eligibility for employment in Bermuda and evidence of qualifications are listed on the website. 

Information for Travelers 
Travelers are required by law to purchase comprehensive private travel/health insurance before arriving and can expect to pay immediately by cash or credit card if hospital consultation or treatment is required. While healthcare services are excellent, they are unequipped to handle very serious conditions such as heart and stroke conditions, so travelers need to be prepared for extra costs of transfers out of Bermuda into the U.S.

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