Information for Patients
All residents enjoy the free healthcare, but must endure a lack of specialists and medicines, long queues and dealing with overworked doctors. Despite the free access to healthcare, Bhutan residents must travel to India to receive certain fully funded treatments, such as cancer and neurosurgical treatments. No private healthcare is available with one exception (clinic). In rural areas, medical services are limited.

The government is currently modifying the funding structure of the health system, as it is unstable due to the majority of the funding coming from foreign aid (60%).

Information for Health Care Professionals
All medical doctors must be locally licensed before being able to practice. Applicants must register with the Bhutan Medical and Health Council and provide all necessary documents listed on their website. 

Foreign medical professionals wishing to work in their field in Bhutan require an application to obtain a temporary registration along with the necessary documents. The approval will be valid for one year.

Information for Travelers 
Travelers are strongly advised to purchase comprehensive private travel/health insurance before arriving due to the risk of extra costs (may rise to $100,000 US) of medical evacuations to India in case of serious illness or injury.

Link to the Ministry of Health: