Information for Patients
Bolivia’s healthcare system is a mixed one comprised of Public, Social security and Private for profit and non-profit services. Salaried employees are eligible for social security insurance schemes, covering approximately 27% of the population, the largest fund being the National Health Insurance. The private sector serves approximately 20% of the population, with the non-profit, mainly Catholic Church, funding the majority of medical services. Reforms are underway in the Bolivian healthcare system which currently ranks nearly last among the Western hemisphere countries in terms of key indicators. These reforms are funded in part by international organizations such as the World Bank.

Information for Health Care Professionals
A shortage of medical professionals exists in Bolivia. 

Information for Travelers 
Public hospitals suffer from overcrowding and low standards, thus travelers are advised to visit private healthcare facilities, only available in major cities. These facilities work with international insurance companies. Travelers are strongly advised to purchase comprehensive private travel/health insurance before arriving due to the risk of extra costs of medical evacuations in case of serious illness or injury.

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