Information for Patients
The healthcare system in Bulgaria was reformed under the Health Insurance Act of 1998. The health insurance system, covered by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), covers diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services as well as medications. However, the services are not completely free, so individuals still need to pay a small amount, starting from approximately $3 for a general check-up. Health indicators also show that the satisfaction level with the healthcare system is still behind EU averages.

Health insurance is compulsory for Bulgarian citizens and foreign citizens who reside permanently in Bulgaria. Emergency assistance is covered by the Ministry of Health although you are not insured by the insurance above.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Eligible health care professionals must meet the requirements of the Health Act and their names are entered in the National Register of the Bulgarian Medical Association. Doctors must also be members of the Bulgarian Medical Association before practicing in Bulgaria.

Information for Travelers 
The number of medical tourists in Bulgaria has increased every year. Cosmetic surgery and dental services are significantly cheaper than in many countries in the EU. Currently, the Bulgarian government has made medical tourism a national priority and seeks to attract oversea investors.

The recommended vaccinations for Bulgaria are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tick-borne encephalitis, rabies and tetanus.

The common language of hospitals in Bulgaria is Bulgarian, English, Turkish and Romani.