Information for Patients
The healthcare system of Cameroon is divided into public, private, institutions, and organizations. The public sector provides cheap medical services and medications. Good quality public hospitals can be found in large cities, including Douala and Yaounde. However, the lack of medicines and medical facilities are major problems, especially in small towns. The reasons include heavy workload, insufficient training capacities and unsatisfactory working conditions. Although private healthcare is also available, only a few people can afford the cost of private medical services. 

Cameroon Health Insurance is almost ineffective as the patients remain responsible for all cost. Therefore, International health insurance for Cameroon is recommended.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Eligible health care professionals must have registered in Cameroon national medical council. The tests are usually in both oral and written exams, conducted in English. Licensed practitioners can work in hospitals, private activity or work in other structures. The salary for doctors working in Cameroon is up to $350 per month.

Over the last decade, traditional medicine has become very popular in Cameroon.

Information for Travelers 
Cameroon is one of preferred healthcare destination in Africa due to evidence of growing in achievements in medical research in recent years. Cameroon has numbers of experienced and specialized medical professionals in organized health tourism.

Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for all travelers. There is a risk of being infected the dengue or malaria viruses while in Cameroon. Please use mosquito repellents and consider taking antimalarial medication.

The common language of hospitals in Cameroon is both English and French.