Cook Islands

Information for Patients
Healthcare system in the Cook Islands is provided by the Ministry of Health. Healthcare services range from public health, secondary and tertiary care. The public medical care includes general outpatients and emergency, anaesthetics and basic surgery. Private general practitioners, dentists and pharmacies are also present. In the case of serious illness or accident, air ambulance overseas may be required. It is highly recommended to have adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover medical treatment and repatriation costs.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Eligible health care professionals must have graduated medical degree requirements and have a copy of the registration and annual practising license from country of current practice before practising in the Cook Islands. 

Cardiology and pulmonary are specialities in high demand according to the top 5 diseases causing morbidity in Cook Islanders.

Information for Travelers 
There is no information on Medical tourism in the Cook Islands. However, medical tourists and some Cook Islanders are entitled to medical treatment in New Zealand.

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid vaccinations are recommended for most travellers. Dengue fever does occur in the Cook Islands. Good quality insect repellents are recommended against mosquito bites.

The official languages of hospitals in the Cook Islands are English and Cook Islands Maori.