Information for Patients

Healthcare is operated by the national government and state run. It is always public and free to all Cuban citizens. Private healthcare is non-existent. 

Travel insurance is required before arrival into Cuba. For many, this is provided in return tickets by many airline carriers as this is required prior to arrival in the country. Requirements vary per nationality – please check with your insurance provider or local embassy.

Information for Health Care Professionals

All medical professionals must legalize all academic and professional documents testifying to their specialty. Rigorous examinations are required in order to receive a valid medical license in Cuba. It is worth noting that the average salary of a doctor in Cuba is 260 Cuban pesos or $20 a month. The language of medical instruction in Cuba is Spanish. 

There is no specific popular field of medicine in Cuba as all medical preferences and specialties are regulated via quantity by the state. 

Information for Travelers 

Due to the quality and accessibility of medical services in Cuba, medical tourism is a $40 million-year revenue generator for the Cuban government. This ranges from gynecology to eye surgery.

Yellow fever, hepatitis A and B vaccines are recommended but not required. 

The common language of hospitals in Cuba will be Spanish. Rudimentary Spanish for foreigners will be required. Some doctors can speak English and older doctors can speak Russian due to previous Soviet ties.  

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: