Dominican Republic

Information for Patients 
The Dominican Republic’s health care system is three-tiered. At the bottom, the poorest in society are guaranteed access to free, socialized care. Those who earn less than RD $4,000 per month are also covered automatically. This cover, however, only extends to the worker and not their family. Those who do not fall into either of these categories must pay their own medical fees. Some companies provide an iguala, which means medical cover at a private, local clinic at no additional cost for their employees. However, even those for whom care is supposedly provided may have to pay for medical supplies. There are four different types of health care available: the public hospitals, tourist area clinics, private clinics, and major public/private hospitals. The Dominican Republic has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the Caribbean. 

Information for Health Care Professionals 
The Dominican Republic doesn’t require a work permit and doesn’t offer a work visa. In order to work in this country, one simply has to be a resident. Becoming a resident is a relatively straightforward process, professionals need to apply for a temporary residence visa from the Dominican Republic consulate in their current country, and then apply for the permanent residence permit once they get to the Dominican Republic. During the time as temporary resident, professionals can work in the country. To work in healthcare Spanish language is a requirement along with transferring the credentials through appropriate tests. 

Information for Travelers 
Travelers need to make sure they have adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation. In some cases, if visitors are not able to pay their hospital bills, they have been prevented from leaving the country until the debt is settled. In the tourist and expat areas there are private clinics where all or most of the staff speaks English and although they do not have the same high standards as the hospitals in Santo Domingo and Santiago, they are usually high quality with a good standard of patient care in private rooms, with operating facilities and intensive care units. 
Ministry of Health: