Equatorial Guinea

Information for Patients 
The national health system of Equatorial Guinea consists of four levels: health posts in each village of 600 people, dispensaries in health centers with a qualified nurse at the intermediate level, district level hospitals, and two referral hospitals at the most centralized level. Healthcare of a good standard is available in Malabo and Bata at the La Paz hospitals. Medical care outside Malabo and Bata is rudimentary.

Information for Health Care Professionals 
Health care professionals who wish to work in Equatorial Guinea need to obtain a work visa. Some nationals, including the US, are exempt from that. Some documents required include a letter of mission from the employer, where the purpose of the mission must be explicitly mentioned and proof of vaccination for yellow fever.

Information for Travelers 
Travelers are expected to have appropriate travel insurance. Pharmacies are well-stocked in the cities. Doctors and pharmacists will likely only speak Spanish. Some vaccinations are recommended based on the season and current epidemiologic situation. 

Ministry of Health: no official website, ministry listed on the official website of the country https://www.guineaecuatorialpress.com/noticia.php?id=126