Information for Patients 
In Estonia there are two types of healthcare systems: public and private. The public is provided by Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) which you receive if you have an employment contract in Estonia and your employer is paying social taxes on you. The Estonian health insurance system is a solidarity-based social insurance system. This means it provides healthcare for everyone and treatment is equally available in all regions. There are currently 19 hospitals funded by the EHIF and over 20 private hospitals. Estonia is a pioneer in the use of Electronic Health Records. It was the first country in the world that has implemented a nationwide EHR system, registering virtually all residents' medical history from birth to death. 

Information for Health Care Professionals 
If you acquired your education outside the EU you have to get an evaluation of your educational credentials by the Estonian ENIC/NARIS Centre and then send the documentation to the Health Board. If you acquired your education in the EU you have to get a Certificate of Current Professional Status from the competent authority in your country and send the documentation to the Health Board. A standard state fee of 195€ applies to everyone prior issuing of the application. 

Information for Travelers 
Citizens of the EU receive free or reduced-cost, state-provided health-care cover with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for medical treatment that becomes necessary while in Estonia. For travellers from countries outside of the EU, it is advisable to purchase travel medical insurance before the trip. Medical staff in rural areas may speak limited English.

Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for healthcare: