Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

Information for Patients
Healthcare in the Falkland Islands/Malvinas are a British Overseas Territory but are self-governing, meaning it is not part of the British National Health Insurance Scheme (NHS). However, thanks to a reciprocal agreement, UK residents in the Falkland Islands can receive emergency and hospital care under the NHS system in the Falkland/Malvinas as Falkland Residents can in the UK. The healthcare standard is good and of general UK/European quality. Private healthcare is available and is generally more efficient than the public system.

Information for Health Care Professional
All medical professionals must have all legal documents both notarized and legalized by the local British Embassy or Consulate and submit to relevant medical associations. Upon submission to the local embassy, exams for specific specialties must be submitted. Those with British qualifications should be able to easily transfer their credentials. 

The language of medical instruction in the Falkland Island/Malvinas is English.

Information for Travelers 
Medical tourism does not occur often in Falkland Island/Malvinas but many travelers facing health issues on the way to Antarctica are generally transferred to the key hospital in Stanley for medical treatment. 

The common language of hospitals in the Falkland Islands/Malvinas is English. Many doctors can speak some Spanish due to proximity to Argentina.

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: https://www.fig.gov.fk/health/