Information for Patients 
Health financing comes from general taxation as there is no social health insurance. There are 25 government hospitals and 3 private hospitals. The standard of public healthcare in Fiji varies considerably. In urban areas, Fiji’s public hospitals may approach adequate but in rural areas public health facilities are very basic and inefficient, or non-existent. 

Information for Health Care Professionals 
Healthcare professionals who wish to work in Fiji need to have relevant qualifications and to be listed as Registered Specialist from respective Institution (Association and/or College) which is recognized by the Fiji Medical Council. Generally foreign professionals are very welcomed to work in Fiji as they fill the need for healthcare staff.

Information for Travelers 
Foreigners can seek treatment at government-run hospitals in Fiji but standards of care are not always good and there tends to be long waiting times due to understaffing. Travelers are advised to opt for private healthcare in Fiji wherever possible, as standards are likely to be higher with shorter waiting times and more modern facilities. Travelers visiting the islands must ensure that they are in possession of a fully comprehensive health insurance. Some vaccinations are recommended when travelling to Fiji, according to current circumstances.

Ministry of Health: