Information for Patients 
Healthcare in Finland consists of a highly decentralized three-level healthcare system primarily funded by public taxation and a much smaller private sector. The Finnish healthcare system is based on public healthcare services to which everyone residing in the country is entitled (universal healthcare). The municipalities (local governments) are responsible for providing healthcare to their residents. Private medical treatment is provided by municipalities and the state. Particularly in cities, many doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists offer private care. There are also a few small private hospitals.

Information for Health Care Professionals 
Foreign professionals who want to work in Finland and have completed a qualification in any country need recognition of qualification and licensing to practice the profession. Licensing is subject to the condition that a person has practiced as a medical doctor or specialist for at least three years in the EU country in which they were licensed to practice as a medical doctor or specialist. Medical staff who have qualified outside the EU in order to work in Finland must have an authorization (license to practice a profession) from Valvira. They may be granted a license to practice the profession as a medical doctor upon application and will also be entered in the Central Register of Health Care Professionals (known as Terhikki) upon application. In order to be eligible for licensing, one must complete an internship and sit a three-part licensure examination as mandated by Valvira to ensure that the qualification is equivalent to medical training in Finland.

Information for Travelers 
EU citizens who hold European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) have access to free emergency medical care. Non-EU citizens are entitled to urgent medical care within Finnish public and private health care. However, they are responsible for all treatment costs, thus it is recommended to take out travel health insurance. It is common for doctors and nurses to speak English.

Ministry of Health: