French Guiana

Information for Patients
As French Overseas Department, thus part of France, French Guiana has an effective social security system and universal basic health coverage, in addition to robust and complementary health insurance systems based on solidarity. Healthcare is almost up to the same standards as in mainland France, although slightly more expensive. There are hospitals in Cayenne and Kourou. Adequately to the small population, there are very few medical facilities there.

Information for Health Care Professionals
For EU citizens, working in French Guiana is allowed without any restrictions. Non-EU citizens will usually need a work permit, this has to be inquired at the French Embassy in the current country of residence. It is relatively easy to get a job in healthcare as there is shortage of skilled professionals. French proficiency is essential.

Information for Travelers
Short term visitors from the EU with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) have automatic access to healthcare in French Guiana. Visitors who do not come from EU countries must get medical insurance before entering French Guiana. Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory, without a vaccination certificate one is not allowed to enter the country. Moreover, other vaccinations might be recommended, according to the current epidemiologic situation. Note that few doctors speak English.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: