Information for Patients
Gabon’s comprehensive health insurance system is covering almost all of its citizens, 90% of the population has access to healthcare. Most of the health services of Gabon are public, but there are some private institutions. All of Gabon’s hospitals can be found in Libreville, Port Gentil, Franceville and the surrounding areas. In rural areas, there are numerous health medical centers, mother and child health centers, and primary health centers. However, most of them are outdated and have limited medical equipment as well as drugs on hand for treatment. Nevertheless, Gabon’s medical infrastructure is considered one of the best in West Africa.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Medical professionals who want to work in Gabon will require a work permit. The employers apply for a work permit on behalf of the foreign employee, who therefore needs to have a job position before moving to the country. Be aware that local workers have priority and only in case of lack of Gabonese suitable workers, a foreigner can be employed.

Information for Travelers
Health insurance which includes emergency evacuation is recommended for travelers in Gabon. It is essential to have an International Health Card proving vaccination against yellow fever. Visitors will be asked to show this on arrival to Gabon. Moreover, some vaccinations are recommended, according to current epidemiologic situation. Note that French is the official language in Gabon and few doctors speak English.

Ministry of Health: