Information for Patients
Healthcare in the Gambia is built around three levels of healthcare, with the primary focused on villages, the secondary focused on large or bigger cities and the tertiary delivered by major referral hospitals and NGOS operating in the region. Public health sector is both overwhelmed and in need of greater investment whereas the private sector in the capital is better serviced. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
All approval and consultations are required to be done via the Gambian Embassy or representation within your jurisdiction. Please consult both the local Gambian embassy/consulate as well as the representative of a key Gambian medical society in order to understand the requirements needed to practice medicine in the Gambia.

English is the language of instruction for medical education in the Gambia.

Information for Travelers 
English is the main languages to use within the hospital systems of the Gambia, however there are some doctors who can speak English albeit this is a rare occurrence. Medical tourism does not occur in the country given that the system already is suffering from inadequacies. 
Yellow fever vaccination and subsequent travel certificate is required prior to entering Senegal. Hepatitis A and B as well as Rubella vaccinations are recommended prior to arrival in Senegal.
Expats are required to have a robust travel health insurance plan prior to arrival in the country.

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: