Information for Patients
The government-funded Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) manages the country’s healthcare facilities and services, which are based on a contributory system and closely modelled after those of the NHS in the UK. There are three main public facilities managed by the GHA, providing primary, secondary and mental health care. In some cases, referrals are made to larger treatment centres in Spain or the UK. Moreover, there are a number of private institutions available. The standard of healthcare in Gibraltar is excellent. The majority of healthcare professionals typically train and qualify in the UK.

Information for Health Care Professionals
All medical professionals who wish to practice medicine in Gibraltar must first register with the Gibraltar Medical Registration Board, which will verify the qualifications. Registration is required by law. Possession of registration with regulatory bodies from other countries (including the UK) is not sufficient for this purpose.

Information for Travelers
Short term visitors from the EU with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and UK citizens that are non-residents of Gibraltar and require emergency medical assistance are entitled to free healthcare treatment. Other travelers are advised to get travel insurance before travelling to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Health Authority: