Information for Patients
The government of Grenada finances health through general taxation. Grenada’s healthcare system is organized and run by the Ministry of Health (MOH), which steers policy and finance decisions for the country’s thirty-six public health facilities. These facilities, which include thirty medical stations and six health centers, are laid out so that every household is within three miles of a healthcare provider. The island features four private hospitals and four public hospitals, with General Hospital in St. George’s being the government’s premier facility. There is a lot of emphasis on primary health care and preventative measures. Tertiary care is often only available off the island at private expense.

Information for Health Care Professionals
One of the important things to note is that employment on the island is limited to Grenadian nationals. Exceptions are made when employers are not able to find individuals with the requisite skill set. When this happens, the employer must first be able to provide documentation of their efforts to fill the role locally. They also need to acquire a work permit through the Ministry of Labour for the person they wish to hire, which involves a background check and documentation to support their skills.

Information for Travelers
Most doctors and hospitals will expect payment in cash, regardless of whether or not you have travel health insurance. In cases of serious health emergency or prolonged medical treatment, a patient will probably require air ambulance services to a country with state-of-the-art facilities (most likely the USA). It is, therefore, strongly recommended that international visitors purchase Grenadian international health insurance which includes cover for air ambulatory evacuation and medical repatriation services. Moreover, some vaccinations are recommended, according to the current epidemiologic situation.

Ministry of Health: