Information for Patients
Healthcare in Guam is predominately private with few public institutions. Despite being a US territory, healthcare in Guam lacks support from the US mainland. Out of all the US territories, it has one of the weakest health care systems in the entire American territory as well as the most remote. Private healthcare is much like the United States mainland. US residents and citizens with Medicaid can potentially benefit from the health system at a minimal cost.

Information for Health Care Professionals
All medical professionals must have all legal documents both notarized and legalized by the local US Embassy or Consulate and submit to relevant medical associations. Upon submission to the local embassy, exams for specific specialties must be submitted. It is also vital to double check with key medical boards and societies within the United States to understand key requirements for practice in the USA and Guam.

The language of medical instruction in Guam is English.

Information for Travelers 
Travelers coming from a region infected with Yellow Fever are required to have proof of yellow fever vaccinations prior to arrival. Medical tourism does occur from other territories in Micronesia but only from wealthier visitors to taking advantage of US health quality. It should be noted that the cost of healthcare in Guam is half of that on the Mainland US. Health insurance is essential prior to travelling to Guam for both foreign and US travelers.

The common language of hospitals in Guam is English.