Information for Patients

Healthcare in Honduras is divided between private and public. Public health is government run and all doctors and nurses working for the public sector are classified as civil servants. Within the public healthcare system, primary healthcare is offered for free with further treatments and care at minimal cost. There is intention within the government to provide universal healthcare, but discussions are slow. Those who can afford it, revert to private care as the quality of healthcare in Honduras is patchy. The key barriers to healthcare in Honduras is a lack of skilled medical workers and doctors. 

Information for Health Care Professionals

All medical professionals must have all legal documents both notarized and legalized via local authorities. Upon submission the local Honduran embassy, exams for specific specialty must be submit. 

The language of medical instruction in Honduras is Spanish.

Information for Travelers 

Yellow fever is required. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Rabies are recommended. Malaria tables are also recommended due to its prevalence. 

The common language of hospitals in Honduras is Spanish with very few speaking English. 

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: https://www.export.gov/article?id=Honduras-Health