Information for Patients
Healthcare in Iceland is among the best in the world. Healthcare coverage is universal and available to all citizens and residents of Iceland. Healthcare in Iceland is divided into four key providers: Healthcare clinics (heilsugaeslur), healthcare institutions (heilbrigosstofnanir), university hospitals (haskolasjukrahus) and teaching hospitals (kennslusjukrahus). As all citizens pay for healthcare services out of their taxes (85%) there is no private sector services. Irrespective, the Icelandic healthcare system is considered to be the second best in the world. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
All approval and consultations are required to be done via the Icelandic Embassy or representation within your jurisdiction. Please consult both the local Icelandic embassy/consulate as well as the representative of a key Icelandic medical society in order to understand the requirements needed to practice medicine in Iceland. Fluency in Icelandic and English is required in order to practice in the country medically. 

English and Icelandic are the languages of instruction for medical education in Iceland.

Information for Travelers 
Travellers need to take out their own travel health insurance prior to arrival in Iceland. Non-Icelandic citizens and residents will be expected to pay for services over the counter. EU citizens are exempt from this and can benefit from Icelandic healthcare services by using their EU health travel care. The main language of the country is Icelandic, All medical professionals will be fluent in English and given that all Icelandic medical professionals are required to garner skills abroad, many are fluent in more than just Icelandic and English, 

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