Information for Patients
Healthcare in Kuwait is free to all Kuwaiti citizens, with certain procedures requiring nominal fees. Foreign residents and non-citizen residents in Kuwait pay a nominal fee for services. While the public service is administered by the Kuwaiti government, most expats resort to private healthcare facilities which are numerous in the country. Health service in Kuwait – in both public and private sectors – are of high quality and equal to those in the United States and Europe, with many of the doctors being from both Western and Non-Western countries. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
The language of medical instruction in Kuwait is English while the official language is Arabic. The Kuwaiti government is open to foreign doctors practicing in Kuwait albeit certain certifications and specialties may be under greater demand than most, as well as specifications on how one can practice (e.g.: women are preferred to practice OB/GYN). Please check with the local Kuwaiti embassy for procedures and recommendations. 

Information for Travelers 
All medical professionals in Kuwait speak English and there will be little issues for expats if they have a good command of English. No vaccines are required prior to entering Kuwait and healthcare quality and access to medicine is both high and of good quality. 

As with other countries in the Gulf, many from surrounding Middle Eastern countries will come to Kuwait for medical treatments, especially where service is lacking (i.e.: Iraq). That being said, many Kuwaitis actually prefer getting treatment abroad – notoriously in London or the United States – due to the perception that treatment is superior. 

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: https://www.moh.gov.kw/en/Pages/default.aspx