Information for Patients
Liechtenstein’s healthcare system is funded by the state. All citizens aged 16 or above must have health insurance. Regular check-ups with general practitioners are covered completely, with no out-of-pocket payments. There is only one hospital in Liechtenstein, which is located in Vaduz. Patients can receive hospital treatment, which includes a variety of specialized services in internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics and psychiatry, if they have a doctor’s referral and are approved by Amt für Gesundheit (Office of Health). Patients need to pay a cost if they are treated in the hospital. Emergency services, however, is available to everyone with no extra cost. The basic plan also covers specialist treatments from neighbouring countries such as Switzerland and Austria, but patients need to share part of the cost.

Information for Health Care Professionals
All health professions practicing in Liechtenstein must receive approval from the Office of Health and be regulated by the Health and Physicians Act. Health professions outside of the country must submit an application for work permit to the Office of Health together with documents that can prove the approval requirements and the corresponding information. The assurance is limited to a maximum of 6 months. Justified cases can be extended on request. German is the official and most commonly spoken language of Liechtenstein. 

Since there is only one hospital in Liechtenstein, patients with more serious illnesses or suffer from complicated bone fractures are usually transferred to hospitals in Switzerland and Austria. 

Information for Travellers
Travellers from the EEA countries, Switzerland and the UK can obtain medically necessary treatment at the same price as the locals by presenting the European Health Insurance Card. They can also receive treatment related to pregnancy and childbirth or to a chronic illness, but the need for treatment must emerge during the course of their stay.  Travellers to Liechtenstein are recommended to receive Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies and Routine Vaccination before their trip to Liechtenstein. 

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