Information for Patients
Luxembourg’s healthcare system is supported by a compulsory social insurance system, with 40% of the contribution paid by the state and the rest being shared between the insured population and the employers. The insurance is responsible for the health care insurance, sickness leave insurance, as well as the financing of long-term care insurance. The coverage includes most treatments provided by general practitioners or specialists, laboratory tests, prescriptions, and also hospitalization. In 2015, over 95% of the population was covered by the health insurance scheme. Since almost half of the Luxembourg’s workforce are cross-border workers, 1/3 of those insured with the health insurance scheme actually live outside the country. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
Anyone who wishes to practice as a general practitioner or as a specialist need to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health. Applicants must have a conventional doctor’s diploma and a diploma attesting specific training in genera; medical practice/medical specialization. Foreign diplomas that are obtained in an EU member state, conforms to EU standard or correspond to specified diplomas. Holders of any other diplomas must first apply for recognition of the diploma in another member state of the EU. Applicants are also required to obtain a certain level of language skills in French or German. Since education is not available in Luxembourg for several health professions, many of the health care professionals obtain their diplomas/qualifications abroad. 

Overall, the primary health care services in Luxembourg are of high quality. However, diabetes care and HIV care need careful monitoring. 

Information for Travellers
People in Luxembourg often seek medical services abroad. Patients with an EHIC card can receive healthcare services in Luxembourg, while the rest need to purchase private health insurance. Travellers planning to go to Luxembourg are recommended to receive Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B Rabies and Routine Vaccinations. 

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