Information for Patients
The healthcare system in Moldova is based on the principle of universal access to basic health services and is funded from both the state and individuals through mandatory health insurance (MHI). Moldova’s healthcare system is made up of a mixture of public and private medical facilities. Public facilities at the primary and secondary level are owned by the local public authorities and mainly provide community services. Each district also has its emergency care facilities belonging to the Ministry of Health. Under the Ministry, there are also facilities at the tertiary level that provide specialized and highly specialized medical care. All public medical facilities are directly contracted by the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) for the provision of services under MHI. Private health care providers can also be contracted by the NHIC. 

MHI covers specialized outpatient and hospital care, as well as a very limited range of pharmaceuticals. People who are not covered by MHI have to pay full out-of-pocket payments. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
In Moldova, healthcare professionals are not registered. Instead, they have to pass examinations and accumulate sufficient experience to progress through second, first and superior qualification categories. All physicians and nurses have to re-certify in five years in order to make sure that they have improved their level of knowledge and skills and to earn certain number of credits on continuing education. 

There is one medical university in Moldova that provides higher medical formation. Annually the hospital admits approximately 500 local students and 400 from other countries. Hence, the training is conducted in four languages – Romanian, Russian, French and English. 

Information for Travellers
Moldova is a popular medical tourism destination among its neighbouring countries, including Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria and Israel. Moldova’s high quality and low cost healthcare services, especially for dental care and surgeries, along with its cozy environment and relatively low price level makes it an attractive place for foreign patients. Every year over 35% of foreigners visiting Moldova are with treatment purposes. 

All travellers are recommended to receive vaccine against Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies and routine vaccinations before their trip to Moldova. 

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