Information for Patients
The Mongolian healthcare system is divided in principle according to two main administrative divisions – the capital and the provinces or the aimags. These administrative divisions are represented by a two-tier system – primary care and specialized care, including secondary and tertiary care. Primary care facilities involve family group practices and are mainly found in the urban areas. Facilities belong to the secondary level are usually found in the rural areas. These health centers and hospitals can offer a range of services, but may not be able to handle medical procedures that are ore complicated. At the tertiary level are the major hospitals and specialized facilities which offer higher level of care. However, patients with more serious and complicated illnesses still have to be evacuated to Beijing in China and Seoul in South Korea. Since its implementation in 1994, Social Health Insurance (SHI) , of which coverage was made compulsory for all citizens, has become a stable source of health financing. It covers predominantly inpatient care. 

Private health sector in Mongolia is also under rapid development and has become a strong competitor to government’s hospitals.  

Information for Health Care Professionals
The Division of Licensing and Continuing Education of Health Professionals of the Department of Health is responsible for the registration of qualified medical practitioners. The license has to be revalidated every 5 years, and health practitioners are required to accumulate a certain number of professional education credits in order to be relicensed. Licenses are automatically renewed if the required credits are completed; if insufficient credits are collected, the licensing examination has to be retaken in order to be able to practice again. 

Information for Travellers
Private hospitals are usually preferred by expats and foreigner due to their higher-quality services and English-speaking staff. Anyone planning his/her way to Mongolia is recommended to receive a number of vaccines, including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Rabies and routine vaccinations. 

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