Information for Patients
As among the poorest countries in Africa, healthcare in Niger is massively underserved with little infrastructure to cater to the country’s complete needs. Private healthcare tends to fill in the gaps where the public system lacks, but even private care is overwhelmed. The country is also massively lacking key expertise in various subjects and as such, suffers from a high rate of maternal mortality and child morbidity. Apart from the private sector, religious institutions and NGOS also provide for key care and services where the general medical system is lacking. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
All approval and consultations are required to be done via the Niger Embassy or representation within your jurisdiction. Please consult both the local Niger embassy/consulate as well as the representative of a key Niger medical society in order to understand the requirements needed to practice medicine in Niger.

French is the language of instruction for medical education in the Niger.

Information for Travelers 
Healthcare in Niger is suboptimal with the private service being a slight improvement. Healthcare is not universal and both travelers and expats are required to have private insurance (usually provided by employer if relocating to Niger). There is no medical tourism to Niger.
French is the main language in Niger with very few fluent in English.

Yellow fever vaccinations along with certificate is required prior to arrival in the country. Hepatitis A and B, along with Cholera, shots are recommended prior to arrival. Malarial tablets are also recommended.

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: