North Macedonia

Information for patients
In North Macedonia, all citizens and registered long-term residents are eligible to receive free compulsory state funded-healthcare. Universal public healthcare in the country covers unlimited visits to a personal primary care physician, preventive care, examinations, and treatments. The health care is delivered at: Health Stations, Health Centres, General and Specialized Hospitals, Clinical Hospitals, University Clinics and Institutes, University Dental Clinical Centre, Maxillo-facial Surgery Clinic, Institute of Transfusion Medicine, Institute of Public Health, and 10 centres for Public Health.

Patients are referred to the geographically nearest available health care practice, which is supported by MyAppointment (Moj Termin), a health information system of appointments for health services and monitoring health capacity usage in real time 

Information for health professionals
Continuing medical education, previously the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, has been delegated to the professional chambers (medical, dental and pharmaceutical), which are also responsible for licensing and re-licensing of professionals. The Directive on the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications (Directive 2005/36/EC), has been ratified, but the process of harmonizing national legislation is still ongoing. All of the higher education programmes in the country are aligned with the Bologna declaration for higher education. The Ministry of Health is obliged to deliver 1000 high-level trainings per year to existing health professionals in the country in various disciplines and specialties. 
Information for travellers
Health insurance must be obtained individually before travelling to North Macedonia. Not all doctors speak English so it is advisable to check beforehand a list of English speaking doctors. 

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