Information for patients
Health services are available at the Belau National Hospital, four community centres known as super dispensaries and four additional satellite dispensaries. Belau National Hospital is the main health facility in the country. The hospital has been upgrading its facilities to mitigate its vulnerability to national and technological disasters. 

“Health for all” remains a priority in the socioeconomic development of Palau. The Government aims to have sufficient numbers of trained and qualified staff to provide quality services in all outlying dispensaries, including the more remote areas and islands as well as at Belau National Hospital. 

Palau has undergone an epidemiological shift. The burden of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and kidney failure is increasing. Cost evaluations are needed for off-island medical referrals, haemodialysis and intensive care services, and for the financial sustainability of a secondary health care facility. 

Environmental problems are expected to increase with more foreign investment and higher numbers of workers on the islands in coming years. Water pollution is a concern due to the lack of sufficient land area for proper waste disposal, and progressive industrial development will continue to worsen air and marine quality.

Information for travellers
Health facilities in Palau are adequate for routine medical care, but limited in availability and quality. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash payment for health services.
The only national hospital is ‘Belau National Hospital’, in Koror, which can generally be reached in less than two hours from most locations. The hospital has an operating suite, dialysis machines and an outpatient clinic. The hospital also houses a pharmacy that dispenses basic medicines.

If emergency medical assistance is required during dial 911 and ask for an ambulance. Travellers are advised to contact their insurance company as soon as referred to a medical facility for treatment.

Serious medical conditions requiring hospitalisation or evacuation may be very expensive. Emergency treatment or treatment for serious conditions is limited and so you may be medically evacuated to another country. Costs can escalate quickly, so make sure to have extensive travel health insurance. 

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