Information for Patients
Healthcare in Qatar is among the highest in the world and best available within the Middle East, with hospitals (e.g.: Sidra Hospital) that are world famous for their service and quality. Both private and public healthcare services have the highest technology and quality provided with very little difference apart from more bespoke services. All Qatari citizens are entitled to free healthcare and services across the spectrum with expatriates in the country required to either take up health insurance via their employer or purchase insurance if self-employed in extreme cases.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Qatar welcomes foreign workers – especially those with key expertise in their field – to practice in the country. Requirements and specifications vary across health institutions and therefore it is best to consult both potential employer and the Qatari Ministry of Health prior to employment. There is a preference for American, French, British and German doctors. 

Information for Travelers 
All medical professionals in Qatar speak English and there will be little issue for expats if they have a good command of English. No vaccines are required prior to entering Qatar and healthcare quality and access to medicine is both high and of good quality. 

Medical tourism is frequent in Qatar due to the high quality of health service and collection of specialists in the country, as well as the high-quality service and care provided. As with other countries in the Gulf, many from surrounding Middle Eastern countries will come to Qatar for medical treatments, especially where service is lacking. 


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