Information for patients
All Russian residents are entitled to free healthcare services through a compulsory national health insurance scheme, called OMI. Some services are not included in the basic healthcare package that anyone is entitled for free. 

Private insurance schemes are also available, and they can grant access to many private hospitals which are widely available in different areas. It is possible that some private providers will offer public healthcare services, and vice versa.

A referral from a primary healthcare provider is needed for specialist visits unless it is a medical emergency. The network of secondary and tertiary facilities combines hospitals, hospital out-patient clinics and specialist ambulatory centres based in polyclinics.

Medical facilities, including primary healthcare centres and hospitals are concentrated mainly in urban areas.

Information for healthcare professionals
As part of the integration of the public health system in the world association of GMC, a public registry of medical specialists conducts the registration of health professionals of different specialties in a single register.

Medical staffs who have received medical training or practice in Russia may register.
Recognition of foreign qualifications is possible, and the requirements vary depending on the country where the qualification was obtained. Knowledge of Russian is an essential requirement.

Information for travellers
Non-EU citizens must check with their home country if a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Russia is in place. Otherwise it is typically required to show proof of healthcare coverage when applying for a Russian visa.

As of January 2016, the previous reciprocal healthcare agreement between the UK and Russia is no longer in place. UK visitors in Russia need to ensure they have private medical insurance before entering the country. 

EU residents with a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are advised to check with their home government whether they can access Russian healthcare before travelling to Russia.

Expats living in Russia can register with a doctor of their choice. They are known as vratch and are the first point of contact with the state health system. However, people seeking state medical care must make sure that their doctor is contracted into the medical scheme. 

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