Saint Lucia

Information for Patients

Healthcare in St Lucia is divided between public and private sector. Healthcare is offered to all citizens but is not universal nor are all citizens entitled to it. Private healthcare offers both speedy and quality healthcare that is comparable to US and European Standards. 

Information for Health Care Professionals

All medical professionals must have all legal documents both notarized and legalized local St Lucian Embassy and submit to relevant medical associations. Upon submission to the local St Lucian representative office or embassy, exams for specific specialty must be submitted. 

The language of medical instruction in St Lucia is English

Information for Travelers 

Healthcare in St Lucia is of average quality and not as advanced as other island nations nearby in the Caribbean. Medical tourism is not common albeit St Lucia is a frequent destination for wellness and fitness activities due to the beautiful and lush ambience of the island. 

No medical vaccinations are needed to St Lucia. Zika and dengue fever do remain risk factors on the island, but the risk is minimal. Check local advisories prior to travel.  Those travelling to St Lucia from a country that requires Yellow Fever vaccinations will be required to present their yellow vaccination card at the time of arrival in St Lucia.

The common language of hospitals In St Lucia is English.

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: