San Marino

Information for Patients
The renowned Sammarinese healthcare system is constantly rated as one of the top three healthcare systems in Europe. It consists of universal and private facilities. Free medical services are available to citizens of San Marino as well as foreigners residing in San Marino.

Government healthcare is funded via the Assistenza Sanitaria Locale (ASL) to which all employees are registered upon employment and a salary deduction is made in form as contribution towards the social security system. This provides medical coverage to employees and their dependent family members.
Unemployed foreign citizens living in San Marino must purchase private medical insurance until granted access to their residence permit. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
The language of instruction in San Marino is Italian.
San Marino has a high standard of medical services, however some treatments may need to be attended to by travelling elsewhere, such as Italy. 

Information for Travelers 
Recommended vaccines before travelling to San Marino include hepatitis B, rabies and tetanus.

Link to the Ministry of health website for San Marino: