Saudi Arabia

Information for Patients
Healthcare is provided to all Saudi citizens free of charge via the Ministry of Health. Healthcare is among the best in the world, ranked 26th for service and quality, despite some disparities between certain rural parts of the country. Private healthcare is of equal quality and is on par with the standards of Europe and the United States. Non-citizens who are residents in Saudi Arabia are expected to make a co-payment for a nominal fee depending their type of medical insurance and the hospital. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
Saudi Arabia primarily recruits for medical consultants within a range of specialties pending needs. All medical professionals must have all legal documents both notarized and legalized by the local Saudi Embassy and submit to the Saudi Ministry of Health as well as relevant Medical bodies within the Kingdom for examination and verification. Those offered a position in the private sector will have to undergo further examination and certification prior to practicing in Saudi Arabia. Please speak with your potential employer prior to applying. Professionals wishing to relocate to Saudi Arabia are required to understand and conform to local customs prior to arriving. 

The language of medical instruction in Saudi Arabia is English.

Information for Travelers 
Saudi Arabia has a large amount of expat doctors and though the primary language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Arabic, English can easily be spoken between patients and practitioners. In addition, with English as the primary language of instruction for medical education, a majority of doctors are fluent in English. Expats who relocate to Saudi Arabia are immediately given health insurance by their employer to cover their health expenses. Travelers are requests to take travel health insurance prior.

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