Solomon Islands

Information for Patients
The healthcare system in the Solomon Islands consists of public and private hospitals with some aid from non-governmental organizations. Medical facilities and supplies found in the Solomon Islands are very limited. Hospitals frequently struggle to obtain basic supplies such as medication and blood supplies, forcing wards and units to occasionally shut down. 
Foreigners visiting the Solomon Islands are expected to pay in cash for any treatment received. Travellers are advised to purchase an extensive medical travel insurance and have access to funds in case of the need to be evacuated abroad, such as to Australia, in case of a medical emergency.
In case of a medical emergency, dial 911.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Healthcare professionals who want to work in the Solomon Islands must apply for provisional registration and provide the following: evidence of the degree with an academic transcript, letter of recommendation, proof of current registration, copy of fellowship and medical indemnity protection. Moreover, national police checks and working with children check will be carried out.
The official language spoken in the Solomon Islands is English.
With only about two fully qualified doctors per every 10,000 people in the Solomon Islands, there is a severe shortage of qualified healthcare workers. Many graduates are currently being trained in Cuba to aid healthcare facilities in the Solomon Islands.

Information for Travelers 
Anyone travelling to the Solomon Islands must carry evidence of measles vaccinations as well as a yellow fever certificate. Other recommended vaccinations before travelling to the Solomon Islands include hepatitis A and B and typhoid. 
Anyone visiting the Solomon Islands is advised to carry all necessary medical supplies plus a basic medical kit.  Travellers should also be warned about the possibility of contracting viral infections, such as Zika virus, and mosquito-borne infections such as malaria and dengue.

Link to the Ministry of health website for the Solomon Islands: