Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Information for Patients

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago located midway between Norway and the North Pole. It holds a hospital in Longyearbyen, where healthcare is free for residents of Nordic countries such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden and for all Norwegian residents covered by the Norwegian National Insurance scheme. Anyone employed by a Norwegian employer may access healthcare for free.
Foreigners travelling to Svalbard must purchase an extensive health insurance plan where helicopter evacuation can be included if outside of Longyearbyen, or if in need to reach mainland Norway for more complicated cases. The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in Svalbard.

Jan Mayen is a volcanic island located in the Arctic Ocean. The island holds the Norwegian weather station.
There is no known permanent population. The only form of healthcare is presented by the nurses serving for the Norwegian military.
Given the location and isolated status of Jan Mayen, it is highly recommended to extensively assess health conditions before travelling. Adequate health insurance must be purchased.



Information for Health Care Professionals

Svalbard is a visa-free zone, so residence permit is not necessary to live in Svalbard. 
The official languages spoken in Svalbard are Norwegian, Russian and Ukrainian. 

Due to the remote location and lack of permanent population and visitors allowed on the Norwegian government-declared nature reserve, information for foreign doctors is insufficient. Healthcare professionals hired to deliver services are assessed by the Norwegian military.



Information for Travelers 

Rabies has been frequently passed onto humans from the wildlife of Svalbard, such as foxes and reindeer. Travelers must be aware of the lack of facilities and the difficulties in reaching emergency services whilst in other islands distant from Longyearbyen.
When travelling to Norway and Svalbard, it is recommended to have had the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A and B, tetanus and tick-borne encephalitis in addition to all other routine vaccinations.

There is presently no recommended vaccinations for Jan Mayen.

Link to the Ministry of health website for Svalbard (Norway)