Information for Patients
The Ministry of Health controls Tonga’s national health care system, which provides health care and medication free of charge. Health services are provided by a network of 34 maternal and child health clinics, 14 health centres, three district hospitals and a tertiary referral hospital, Vaiola Hospital, located in the capital city, Nuku’alofa. The four hospitals also provide primary health care to the populations of their respective island groups through outpatient and emergency departments. Primary health centres are staffed by 1 health officer and up to 4 nurses. Each centre supports around 7200 people. There are also a small number of private health care providers – these tend to be either traditional healers or private clinics run after hours by government doctors. Tongan hospitals tend to have limited outpatient and emergency facilities. The Ministry of Health coordinates with external donors to fund teams of visiting overseas medical specialists and transfers of patients to overseas hospitals for advanced and complex care that is not available in Tonga. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
All medical professionals in Tonga are governed by The Medical and Dental Practice Act, 2001. This act was passed by the Government of Tonga in 2001. It aims at maintaining professionalism of the staff’s performances and to protect the public from malpractices. The Act mandates all medical professionals to be registered, including doctors, health officials, dentists, and other healthcare practitioners. Registration is mandatory to ensure that all local medical practitioners meet the standards expected by law in their profession.

The language of medical instruction in Tonga is English

Information for Travelers 
Medical tourism does not occur in Tonga, as many residents and citizens go overseas for more critical illnesses. Travellers to Tonga are advised to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid and Measles. 

The common language of hospitals in Tonga is both English and Tongan.

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