Information for Patients
Ukraine inherited the Soviet system of free healthcare for all. However, due to an underfunded healthcare system, many patients have to pay for medical services. Since 2017, reforms have been introduced in the system and it has been made more patient friendly. The government allocates money for the specific needs of a patient instead of financing hospitals, doctors, and inpatient beds. Further, patients can choose their own family doctor based on his/her skills (and regardless of the place of registration) and sign a transparent agreement with him/her based on quality and respect. Primary care, palliative care, and emergency medical care are fully funded by the state. Besides, the state provides reimbursement for medicines for cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and type 2 diabetes. Ukraine has a small private healthcare sector which consists mostly of pharmacies, diagnostic facilities and privately practicing physicians.

Information for Health Care Professionals
Higher medical education for physicians consists of undergraduate and postgraduate training provided by 18 state university-level medical schools and facilities in Ukraine. 

All practicing physicians are subject to reaccreditation at least every five year. The Ministry of Health is planning to pass over the responsibility for accreditation of health workers to the Doctors’ Association. 

The language of medical instruction in Ukraine is English.

Information for Travelers 
Ukraine is a popular destination for medical tourism, and was the 7th most visited destination in 2008. It is considered by medical tourists for low costs of treatments and short waiting times. 

The common languages of hospitals in Ukraine are English and Ukrainian.

Link to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health website: