Information for Patients

Historically, since the election of former President Hugo Chavez, health care was free for all citizen with major procedures at a low cost. Since 2015, the healthcare system has collapsed with lack of basic equipment and medicine available. Venezuela has become one of the most dangerous countries to live in.

At present stage, if any medical services that are adequate are found, payment is preferred in US dollars as the local Venezuelan Bolivars high inflation rate changes prices rapidly. 

Information for Health Care Professionals

All medical professionals must have all legal documents both notarized and legalized via local authorities. Upon submission the local Venezuelan embassy, exams for specific specialty must be submit. At present stage though, the Venezuelan Health system is collapsed and unable to support foreign medical practitioners. 

The language of medical instruction in Venezuela is Spanish.

Cosmetic surgery was a popular field od medicine due to Venezuela societal beauty standards. However, given recent medical crisis, there has been a complete abandonment of the practice due to lack of supplies. 

Information for Travelers 

Yellow fever vaccines are required for those travelling from Brazil. Rabies and Hepatitis A is recommended for all travelers. 

The common language of hospitals in Venezuela is Spanish. Some doctors can speak English due to affiliation to US based societies as well as a minority speaking Italian due to a heavy population of Italians. However, since the economic crisis, many bilingual doctors have left the country. Rudimentary Spanish is required.

Link to the Ministry of health website for that country: