Wallis and Futuna

Information for Patients
Wallis and Futuna is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago comprises two groups of volcanic islands: Wallis (Uvea) and Futuna. Healthcare in Wallis and Futuna is provided by a government-owned institution called the Agence de Santé. There is no private sector. Public health facilities are located on both islands. In Wallis, the Sia Hospital has a capacity of 42 beds (14 in general medicine, 14 in gynaecology–obstetrics, 13 in surgery, 1 in intensive care). Technical capacities include radiology (scanning, ultrasound, mammography), operating theatres, laboratory and a pharmacy. There are three community health centres (dispensaries), located in the three districts of Wallis: Hihifo, Hahake and Mua. In Futuna, Kaleveleve Hospital has 9 beds. Provision of healthcare and prescription of drugs is completely free.

Patients with severe illnesses are evacuated to New Caledonia, Australia or France. The Agence de Santé also hosts regular physician missions for specialties that are not available on the islands,
thus avoiding the systematic use of medical evacuations. Further, thanks to fibre optic internet access, the Agence started using telemedicine in late-2018 to request medical advice and arrange consultations. 

Information for Health Care Professionals
The Agence de Santé employs approximately 200 people on the two islands, including 23 medical staff (8 general practitioners, 5 hospital doctors, 1 radiologist, 2 dentists, 1 pharmacist, 1 biologist and 6 midwives). The Agence announces regular recruitment calls on its website.  General practitioners and medical staff are recruited for two-year contracts with replacements every 1 to 3 months. Healthcare practitioners need at least ten years of medical experience or a significant duration of practice in dispensaries to qualify. 

Information for Travelers 
Medical tourism does not occur in Wallis and Futuna. Travelers can seek healthcare in one of the two public hospitals. Hepatitis A and Tetanus vaccines are recommended for persons travelling to these islands. 

The common language of hospitals in Wallis and Futuna is French.

Link to the Agence de Santé’s website for this country: http://www.adswf.fr/