What are the benefits of making your hospital profile stand out?

We think that it is important that you reap the maximum amount of benefit from our website, which is why we have come up with a way for your hospital profile to stand out amongst all the tens and thousands of other hospitals. Get access to the amazing advantages!


Gaining global attention would mean creating a profile that really stands out in terms of content and quality. This can help to really promote and enhance your reputation, raise awareness of your hospital services and/or accomplishments and subsequently increase the number of people you can help.

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  • Customisable profile, the ability to edit and input additional contents that is unique to your hospital.
  • Direct links to your website, social media pages and email
  • News tab to keep interested individuals and other medical professionals in the loop about exciting new developments in your hospital and your hospital’s team
  • Photos and videos tab to enhance visual display
  • Events calendar to promote events and activities happening in or in association with your hospital
  • A contact form on your hospital profile that links users straight to the hospital
  • More stunning interface, with greater accessibility and more user-friendly and eye-catching displays
  • An all-round excellent means of showcasing what is unique to your hospital!
  • Collaboration opportunities within our global healthcare network